Internet Fraudster “Yahoo boys” A story of Catastrophe.

Few weeks ago a tweeter user tweeted about how he lost closing a deal for a company on content creation only to be discovered he is a Nigerian & deal was called off. I shared my own story , meeting a publisher online and he stopped our conversation when I told him I am from Nigeria . Some said when they meet foreigners online they don’t tell them they are from Nigeria , getting to a situation we are not proud of our country .

Internet Fraudsters known as “yahoo boys”, G guys ” are destroying reputation of Nigerians online . Creating a big vacuum for online businesses , conversation with foreigners and even traveling to foreign countries .

The sad party is that some Nigerians are out there praising them , hiding under the shield that the bad economy of Nigeria is the reason for the fraudulent act. In life situation doesn’t determine your reaction, that is flimsy excuses!

Even from our music , musicians sing , praises their fraudulent act and implanting negativity to young legit Nigerians. Internet fraudsters are finding their way into the music industry , keep singing to glorify their evil deed.

Internet Fraudsters has eaten deeply into our society , even Nigerians most times risk doing business with their fellow Nigerians online .

Yahoo boys are criminals , not hustlers . It is high time it is eradicated in our society , Nigerians needs to speak up against such catastrophe in our society . Our religion leaders needs to speak more against such evil deed to their followers . The law enforcement agencies are trying their best but there is more to be done .

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