Senami!Story of Domestic Violence .

Sometimes holding on for too long especially in abusive relationship can lead to untimely death and that was the story of Senami! A young vibrant woman in her early Forty’s.

I was at My tailor’s shop discussing a new design. She screamed Senami , longest time !

A middle age woman crossed over. She looked disheveled.

“I am fine mama Sandra! She replied”

“Senami , why are you looking so pale!” Mama Sandra asked.

“My dear, the stress I am facing in my marriage is getting out of hand and right now I am hypertensive ”

God! So sorry , God will heal you.

Thank you mama Sandra! Senami replied.

Few minutes later she left!

I trust my tailor to start up a conversation!

“That woman husband is a treacherous monster, he doesn’t take care of his wife and kids and they started together from the scratch.”

“He recently married a second wife living luxurious life , apart from concubines.”

He doesn’t even allow his wife and kids to enter his car! That doesn’t stop him from beating her….

“That pathetic “! I said

“Sisi calm down”! Mama Sandra replied.

Her husband owns a poultry farm but he doesn’t allow them to have a taste from the chickens and they still have to work on the farm!

“Several times she was advised to divorce her husband but she doesn’t want her kids to be raised up by single parent”……

“Mama Sandra it is getting late!” I left her shop.

Five days later , I received a phone call from my tailor………

“Senami Slumped and died this morning!”





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