The Danger of using Earphones on the Street …

The rise in mishap of using earphones by pedestrians on the street is increasing daily.

I was moving from Ajah area of Lagos to Obalende (Lagos) . A young man who was happily making phone calls with his earphones was almost crushed by my bus driver. The angry driver screamed “weyrey okunrin “in Yoruba language (mad man ) “koo ni da fun e “( It will not be well with you ) .

I was in a big shock with other passengers in the bus and the driver said so many people he has crushed for the same act.

Then I thought about thousands of people who are victims of using earphones on the road and leading to their untimely death.

For safety precautions it is advisable we don’t move on the street with our earphones plugged into our ears, making phone calls on the road while walking or driving on the road.

So long a Trip !

“Amaka, I am almost late for my trip to Abuja” Simon screamed.

She rushed out of the room , leaned towards him” Take care of yourself” Both of them giggled…

He turned back , my regards to your mom when you get to the village! ‘Please give me a call”.


Simon walked into a canteen hand in hand with a lady , He raised his head up and removed his eyeglasses.

He saw his wife sitting pretty accompanied by a gentleman, who sits across from her.

They made eye contact! “Welcome to Porthacourt ” The Waiter said!

Beaming Death!

If I could give death another name

Cold Hearted !

A coward appearing unannounced

Bribing is not a way out from the gallery of death

Heart of gold , far from Death!

Tears filled up in a Basket

A waste !

Heart frozen

The beaming of sunshine can’t melt it

It is true Yoruba Adage says

Death doesn’t collect kola-nut!

Nothing can appease the venom called “Death”.

Shades of African Women .

The beauty of an African Woman
Can I talk about the tiny waist embroidered with beads.
The wrapper loosely tied across the waist
The hips!
The Afro Hair packed up embroidered with cowries.
The perfection that is expected from them
The Eyes that never say no in the midst of tears .
The mind that lingers to be loved.

The goddess of beauty
The shining armor
The natural swing in your walk
Standing Akimbo through the storm
A piece of Art that speaks for itself
Mother Earth
Bow down and worship her
Pretty sitting on her throne with the crown on her head
The radiant skin of black beauty.

Foreigners Drinking from our Well….

A sunny day at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Corp members rushing to catch their flight back home after the three weeks orientation camp.

I was seated with my friend and boarding was called for my flight to Lagos. I was about to take my leave ,when I noticed a middle age Asian Man moving closer to our side and he sat beside my friend.

“Hey girl” you got yourself Mr Macho ! I said …Mr Macho is a slang we called Men who are opposite “the word “during our stay in camp. ..

The next morning .My friend chatted me up , we discussed about the crazy Lagos traffic. I didn’t hesitate to ask her about Mr Macho!

She told me Mr Macho is a United Nation Staff , who doesn’t know his way around Lagos and she helped him get a hotel closer to Ikeja axis. Mr Macho told the hotel attendance he needs discount because he is a staff of United Nation, the hotel attendance told him they don’t run charity. My friend told me at the Airport ,Mr Macho priced a sneakers for one thousand five hundred , which the seller sold for 15 thousand Naira .He did not bargain piecemeal but slashed the price straight to one thousand five hundred Naira.

I told her I wasn’t surprised ,I once met an American Man who brought out cash and gave the seller one thousand hundred for a stock jean sold for Seven thousand Naira. The Lagos seller told him to order the jeans from America , if he can’t afford to pay!

I have heard and witnessed a lot of foreigners who priced our goods at a very low price and most of those good exported from their country. They feel most of our home made products are inferior compared to theirs .

I visited some of the foreign stores in Nigerian and some of their goods are inferior when compared to our locally made products.

Foreigners needs to do better in our country! The inhuman treatment of Nigerian workers in their companies,especially the construction companies. The Nigerian staffs are the one who does most of the work loads,while they move around the construction site looking tan with their lighter and cigarette!…..


I rise

Walking through the dark cloud

I became a Helmsman

I turned back to wave

It is a goodbye!

The ocean is never still

Wind driven waves

Storm surge..

The strong pressure as the wind blow

across the surface of the ocean.

I traveled thousands of miles

I felt the ship sinking as rough winds and monstrous wind looming.

I shut my eyes

My dress seat towards the wind

Sing aloud! I screamed

Swing low

I opened my eyes reaching Land..

Tick Time

Ticking Fast

The clock is ticking

There is time for everything

Time is phenomenal to life

Sixty seconds ticking

1 hour gone

Weeks gone

Three hundred and sixty days gone

There is time for everything but truly does time wait for anyone?

Steady and slowly

We win the race

The race of success

The time is now

Let head up in our comfort zone

Steer towards the wind

Let keep up the tilt in our zone

When success comes

Life becomes garden of flower

Life is like roses

Pleasant scent full of prickles

Blossom like it will never stop raining in your garden

Timing is everything

Make use of time

Remember life is not a bed of roses…

A Tale of Love

On a Windy Day

The trees swaying and Bending

Fruits descends

The children ran across the street in a gentle motion

Some rolling their tires with only panties on.

Swing from side to side to lick up the fruits

Eyes dripping with Joy

Praying to God the fruits keep falling

The smiles on their faces , one could read through their eyes how joyful they are.

The elders screaming their names

Go back Home!

It is about to rain

Don’t fall sick!

Those words keep ringing in their ears

Children swayed toward their homes unhappy!

ALMAJIRI a system to be Abolished or Reformed .

I got posted to the north, katsina State for my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). Almajiri is an Arabic word translated to mean” a person who leaves his home in search of Islamic knowledge”.

The culture has since outlived its purpose and for the first time in my life I witnessed those children wandering across the street of Kaduna, Zaria , katsina and Kano with their plates of food tied across their necks with rope and Shabbily dressed .

They keep chanting FISABILILAHI( doing anything for the sake of God and in the way of God to gain nearness to Him and gain His pleasure )

Those children are products of polygamous family or broken homes and their parents do not have resources to cater for them . Many of those kids doesn’t know their way back home.

The kids who are majorly little boys ,are not exposed to Western education apart from their Islamic education which they are no longer learning but seen wandering on the street to cater for themselves .

Those kids are growing up without love and care, exposes to homosexuality , pedophilia ,subjected to slavery and brainwashed to violent activities in the society .

ALMAJIRI system has deviated from its original purpose . I looked at those kids on the street with my eyes full of tears.

It is time for government to banish the Almajiri culture in our society or reformed to meet modern standard!


What is perfection?

Having everything that is necessary,complete and without faults or weaknesses.

Our society expects perfection from Women ,especially an African women

The way they talk ,dress e.t.c

Women are expected to be up and doing in everything.

Men have all the freedom to live their life the way they want but reverse is the case to women

It is shameful for Women to divorce and marry as many Men she wants.

It is indecent for Women to smoke,drink and party all night.

Women can be cheated on but it is morally wrong to cheat on Men.

Most parents doesn’t complain when they see their Male child in the mix of Female but reversed is the case when they sight their Female child in the mix of Male.

It is easy to call Women ,hoe,bitch,prostitute e.t.c! For standing up against what she doesn’t want to accept anymore in her life.

Even we the Females put ourselves in this tight position! My Mum would tell me,my Aunties would tell me, a Woman should always Hold on to whatever situations she finds herself!

No matter the argument for equality between Men and Women, the Holy Books are relied on to back up the Men!


perfection inWomen