Back at me

Talk to me , bad blood


So sad you can’t face me

So sad you can’t talk to me

So sad you can’t tell me your feelings

So sad you can’t express your mind but you can express it all at my back.

Hypocrite why are you like this ?

Is it true hypocrites are liars?

So sad you are always motivated to talk at my back

Hypocrite why can’t you open up ?

Hypocrite why can’t you hold on to your words

Why do you always deny expressing anything about me ?

I guess not even guessing , your motivation ends when you sight me !

Hypocrites express it all

Hypocrite! Hypocrite! Get a life.

Mental Slavery: Dysfunction in our Society.

Mental Slavery is a problem in African Society subjugating oneself to the notions and ideas of another or one becomes trapped by misinformation about oneself and the society.

Mental Slavery is believing what others are saying without having a second thought. Many Africans believe the White men notions that Africans doesn’t have history. The chain of mental Slavery are transmitted into generations. It has caused dysfunction in African Society and impeding all form of growth and development.

This is one of the reasons why African Countries are invisible among Developed Countries.

Looking at our society parents doesn’t like naming their kids indigenous African names but prefer English names for them.

In our schools children are scold or pay fines for speaking indigenous languages in school.

Many African parents shut out their kids against speaking local languages.

Most Africans believe that traditional attires are better work for parties only or weekend.

I know a woman who collected loan and she paid tithe from the month and she was unable to pay back her debt. I also know of a woman who used her kids school fees to sow seeds in church and her husband sent her out of the house.

I can’t forget the day I became conscious in mosque on Sunday(Assalatu) when the congregation was told to contribute Chief Missioner of the Mosque weekly allowance. Despite the fact we have contributed a lot of money for the development of the mosque. The presiding missioner told us it is the chief missioner that will help us to pray to God to answer all our prayers here today. That is the reason why we have to contribute his money. I asked the girl sitting beside if the chief missions is sick ? She said No! I decided never to contribute!

In African society women respect and obey Religious leaders than their husband and family.

It is time we challenge our thinking rather than being brainwashed into living life of another.

It is better to borrow other people ideas rather than buying ideas, be your expert!

Christmas in Nigeria

Tinsel glittering across the street

The prices of good and services rising

Schools practicing their Xmas carol

“Joy to the world , the Lord is come”

Rhythm that never fades.

The Xmas cap on almost everyone head

Little kids screaming to their parents!

Xmas carol money , father Xmas is coming from Rome .

Rome indeed!

Xmas day is here

The cities becomes scanty

The street is filled up with Xmas Rhythm

Kids dressed up in over size clothes

Neighbors exchange Xmas gifts

Food and drink to go around.

Little kids are shown on television to make a shout out.

Kids crying upon sighting Santa Claus !

The joy of Xmas never fades away!

It is a season of making wishes to usher in New year.

Internet Fraudster “Yahoo boys” A story of Catastrophe.

Few weeks ago a tweeter user tweeted about how he lost closing a deal for a company on content creation only to be discovered he is a Nigerian & deal was called off. I shared my own story , meeting a publisher online and he stopped our conversation when I told him I am from Nigeria . Some said when they meet foreigners online they don’t tell them they are from Nigeria , getting to a situation we are not proud of our country .

Internet Fraudsters known as “yahoo boys”, G guys ” are destroying reputation of Nigerians online . Creating a big vacuum for online businesses , conversation with foreigners and even traveling to foreign countries .

The sad party is that some Nigerians are out there praising them , hiding under the shield that the bad economy of Nigeria is the reason for the fraudulent act. In life situation doesn’t determine your reaction, that is flimsy excuses!

Even from our music , musicians sing , praises their fraudulent act and implanting negativity to young legit Nigerians. Internet fraudsters are finding their way into the music industry , keep singing to glorify their evil deed.

Internet Fraudsters has eaten deeply into our society , even Nigerians most times risk doing business with their fellow Nigerians online .

Yahoo boys are criminals , not hustlers . It is high time it is eradicated in our society , Nigerians needs to speak up against such catastrophe in our society . Our religion leaders needs to speak more against such evil deed to their followers . The law enforcement agencies are trying their best but there is more to be done .

Senami!Story of Domestic Violence .

Sometimes holding on for too long especially in abusive relationship can lead to untimely death and that was the story of Senami! A young vibrant woman in her early Forty’s.

I was at My tailor’s shop discussing a new design. She screamed Senami , longest time !

A middle age woman crossed over. She looked disheveled.

“I am fine mama Sandra! She replied”

“Senami , why are you looking so pale!” Mama Sandra asked.

“My dear, the stress I am facing in my marriage is getting out of hand and right now I am hypertensive ”

God! So sorry , God will heal you.

Thank you mama Sandra! Senami replied.

Few minutes later she left!

I trust my tailor to start up a conversation!

“That woman husband is a treacherous monster, he doesn’t take care of his wife and kids and they started together from the scratch.”

“He recently married a second wife living luxurious life , apart from concubines.”

He doesn’t even allow his wife and kids to enter his car! That doesn’t stop him from beating her….

“That pathetic “! I said

“Sisi calm down”! Mama Sandra replied.

Her husband owns a poultry farm but he doesn’t allow them to have a taste from the chickens and they still have to work on the farm!

“Several times she was advised to divorce her husband but she doesn’t want her kids to be raised up by single parent”……

“Mama Sandra it is getting late!” I left her shop.

Five days later , I received a phone call from my tailor………

“Senami Slumped and died this morning!”





A Country!

A country !

A shadow that is walking

Eye closed with blind fold

The citizens traveling through the Desert

In search of greener pasture

The journey where they meet their water loo

Modern Day slavery .

Leaving the land is not an option for them

Fugitive in the Run in a foreign land.

Mishap becomes a Norm!

Once there is light , the masses are like snails

Crawling out of it shells dancing.

Celebration in the land of the eagles.

We all hope for a New dawn

Arise our leaders

Fly the Eagles

Let build a Nation

Let peace and justice Reign

Let paint the world Green and white .

For the love of a country

A country called Nigeria!


Children are Crystal

Children are Stars

Children are Pebbles

Roses and Honey in our life.

Open our arms and show them the greatest love.

Teach them morals and pray to God to lead them.

Every kids deserves Happiness

The grey days , we can wear them across our neck like Pebbles

Show them greatest love and see them shine like a star.


Joy and laughter

Pain eased away

It is a season of love

I swallowed back my fear,

gently I closed my eyes.

In my dream land , it is all fairytales.

I could hear the cock crow

I opened the window

Still all covered up in my blanket

I felt the frosty air of harmattan

Teeth  chattering

I moisten  my dry lips

Smile ,I could hear my thought

I slowly whispered I love you

A word that is part of me.

Eradication of Child Brides Marriage in Nigeria.

United Nation Women Africa has said Nigeria has the highest child brides in the world with 23 million girls married off at a tender age. 76% in the north but 9% decline in the prevalence of child marriage since 2003.

It is prevalence in our society when young girls are forced into marriage before they turned 18 years and sometimes due to unwanted pregnancy. This mostly ends their ambition of having formal education. Increasing the rate of illiteracy among young girls in the society.

Many young girls has accepted early marriage has a norms. While poverty , poor educational attainment , strong social and religious traditions e.t.c are attributed to child marriage in Nigeria.

Those young girls are forced to give birth at a tender age , exposing her and the new born baby to diseases, even death of the mother and the baby.

There is need for more awareness about the danger of child marriage to much older men . Many parents believe their child getting married helps them to secure their future and also helping her poor family.

The law should be stricter because there are a lot of influential people in the society who are getting married to young girls and kicking against the restriction on child marriage.

Eradication of poverty is the biggest problem in Nigeria , many parents married their children off because they need money.

Harassment and gender discrimination should also be eradicated. Everyone should be a voice to be reckoned with in 21st century irrespective of gender.

The Nigeria constitution doesn’t establish a minimum age of marriage. However , The child Rights Act of 2003, sets the age of marriage at 18 years old and not another Nigeria child should be married early.

Education is important and a voice for social , political and economic development.

Rewriting our history! Aba Women Riot “a Revolt “

When I was in secondary school ,as a student of history my favorite topic was the “Aba Women’s Riot of 1929”. I was taught that they were “brave women” , I still remember the trill I felt in class and I appreciated them for that.

The revolution started by the women from Bende District , Umuahia and other places in eastern Nigeria traveled to the town of Oloko and teamed up with the women in the village to protest against the warrant chiefs on the payment of taxes by women , restricting the role of women in government. Which brought about social , political and economic changes in the society. This resulted in women been appointed to serve in Native courts. They utilized collective action to champion their dissatisfaction upon direct taxes which was imposed on the men previous year and which they are already supporting their men in paying taxes. Nearly ten thousand women protested.

Few days ago I saw a tweet from Amnesty International Nigeria celebrating the Aba woman riot of 1929 , Prof. Farooq Kperogi quotes the tweet and he said it should be called “revolt” because a “riot” is senseless, disorderly violence by an unruly mob”! He continued that the colonialists called the “Aba Women Revolt “a riot ” to delegitimize it.

Many shared their opinion that we need to rewrite our history , that the colonialist tried to change our history , calling our achievements their own and they misinterpreted everything. Authors should strike out the word “Riot” for “Revolt” from textbooks and other materials . While some are of the view that the unfortunate incident of women destroying native courts , attacking the chiefs , destroying their homes caused the ” revolt” to be marked as “riot “.

We need to re write our history not in books but in movies , I don’t think there is a Nigeria movie about the riot. They are great women who championed women speaking up in traditional and modern day Nigeria !