Enslaved by Yourself

Mental Slavery is believing what other people are saying without carrying out your own research 
Mental Slavery is when other people opinions is your own 
Mental Slavery is when children pay fines or get scold for speaking Indigenous   languages in school. 
Mental Slavery is when you shut your  kids against speaking local dialects 
Mental Slavery is when kids doesn’t have indigenous names
Mental Slavery is when people see you dressed in  local attires apart from weekend and the next question is if you are attending a party? 

Air Love 2

You sweep me off my feet

The first thing I woke up to see a beautiful message

Even when I was gloomy, your message makes me fly like butterfly

feeling so obsessed with each words

My heart lingers for more

While I enjoy the warm breeze from my window and still all covered up in blanket

Still can’t go blank with each words you expressed .

Air Love

Kiss me slowly

Let me melt in your warm embrace

Hold me tight and feel my tender skin

Feel the moisture of my skin while I dazzle infront of you

Never leave my side because I don’t want to a loner

Gasp my breath while I reciprocate