Torn Garment

Your love pierced my heart and no remedy

Like a thread through a rusted needle

Can’t sew my broken heart


I cried

I cried and laugh

I jumped on and sank

Rolling on my bed

The weather seems hot and cold

Deep down I am hurt

I couldn’t sing out loud

“Stay with me ”

I am here gasping for breathe

Alive and you gone !


Back at me

Talk to me , bad blood


So sad you can’t face me

So sad you can’t talk to me

So sad you can’t tell me your feelings

So sad you can’t express your mind but you can express it all at my back.

Hypocrite why are you like this ?

Is it true hypocrites are liars?

So sad you are always motivated to talk at my back

Hypocrite why can’t you open up ?

Hypocrite why can’t you hold on to your words

Why do you always deny expressing anything about me ?

I guess not even guessing , your motivation ends when you sight me !

Hypocrites express it all

Hypocrite! Hypocrite! Get a life.

Christmas in Nigeria

Tinsel glittering across the street

The prices of good and services rising

Schools practicing their Xmas carol

“Joy to the world , the Lord is come”

Rhythm that never fades.

The Xmas cap on almost everyone head

Little kids screaming to their parents!

Xmas carol money , father Xmas is coming from Rome .

Rome indeed!

Xmas day is here

The cities becomes scanty

The street is filled up with Xmas Rhythm

Kids dressed up in over size clothes

Neighbors exchange Xmas gifts

Food and drink to go around.

Little kids are shown on television to make a shout out.

Kids crying upon sighting Santa Claus !

The joy of Xmas never fades away!

It is a season of making wishes to usher in New year.

A Country!

A country !

A shadow that is walking

Eye closed with blind fold

The citizens traveling through the Desert

In search of greener pasture

The journey where they meet their water loo

Modern Day slavery .

Leaving the land is not an option for them

Fugitive in the Run in a foreign land.

Mishap becomes a Norm!

Once there is light , the masses are like snails

Crawling out of it shells dancing.

Celebration in the land of the eagles.

We all hope for a New dawn

Arise our leaders

Fly the Eagles

Let build a Nation

Let peace and justice Reign

Let paint the world Green and white .

For the love of a country

A country called Nigeria!


Children are Crystal

Children are Stars

Children are Pebbles

Roses and Honey in our life.

Open our arms and show them the greatest love.

Teach them morals and pray to God to lead them.

Every kids deserves Happiness

The grey days , we can wear them across our neck like Pebbles

Show them greatest love and see them shine like a star.


Joy and laughter

Pain eased away

It is a season of love

I swallowed back my fear,

gently I closed my eyes.

In my dream land , it is all fairytales.

I could hear the cock crow

I opened the window

Still all covered up in my blanket

I felt the frosty air of harmattan

Teeth  chattering

I moisten  my dry lips

Smile ,I could hear my thought

I slowly whispered I love you

A word that is part of me.

Beaming Death!

If I could give death another name

Cold Hearted !

A coward appearing unannounced

Bribing is not a way out from the gallery of death

Heart of gold , far from Death!

Tears filled up in a Basket

A waste !

Heart frozen

The beaming of sunshine can’t melt it

It is true Yoruba Adage says

Death doesn’t collect kola-nut!

Nothing can appease the venom called “Death”.

Shades of African Women .

The beauty of an African Woman
Can I talk about the tiny waist embroidered with beads.
The wrapper loosely tied across the waist
The hips!
The Afro Hair packed up embroidered with cowries.
The perfection that is expected from them
The Eyes that never say no in the midst of tears .
The mind that lingers to be loved.

The goddess of beauty
The shining armor
The natural swing in your walk
Standing Akimbo through the storm
A piece of Art that speaks for itself
Mother Earth
Bow down and worship her
Pretty sitting on her throne with the crown on her head
The radiant skin of black beauty.


I rise

Walking through the dark cloud

I became a Helmsman

I turned back to wave

It is a goodbye!

The ocean is never still

Wind driven waves

Storm surge..

The strong pressure as the wind blow

across the surface of the ocean.

I traveled thousands of miles

I felt the ship sinking as rough winds and monstrous wind looming.

I shut my eyes

My dress seat towards the wind

Sing aloud! I screamed

Swing low

I opened my eyes reaching Land..