Mental Slavery: Dysfunction in our Society.

Mental Slavery is a problem in African Society subjugating oneself to the notions and ideas of another or one becomes trapped by misinformation about oneself and the society.

Mental Slavery is believing what others are saying without having a second thought. Many Africans believe the White men notions that Africans doesn’t have history. The chain of mental Slavery are transmitted into generations. It has caused dysfunction in African Society and impeding all form of growth and development.

This is one of the reasons why African Countries are invisible among Developed Countries.

Looking at our society parents doesn’t like naming their kids indigenous African names but prefer English names for them.

In our schools children are scold or pay fines for speaking indigenous languages in school.

Many African parents shut out their kids against speaking local languages.

Most Africans believe that traditional attires are better work for parties only or weekend.

I know a woman who collected loan and she paid tithe from the month and she was unable to pay back her debt. I also know of a woman who used her kids school fees to sow seeds in church and her husband sent her out of the house.

I can’t forget the day I became conscious in mosque on Sunday(Assalatu) when the congregation was told to contribute Chief Missioner of the Mosque weekly allowance. Despite the fact we have contributed a lot of money for the development of the mosque. The presiding missioner told us it is the chief missioner that will help us to pray to God to answer all our prayers here today. That is the reason why we have to contribute his money. I asked the girl sitting beside if the chief missions is sick ? She said No! I decided never to contribute!

In African society women respect and obey Religious leaders than their husband and family.

It is time we challenge our thinking rather than being brainwashed into living life of another.

It is better to borrow other people ideas rather than buying ideas, be your expert!

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