Eradication of Child Brides Marriage in Nigeria.

United Nation Women Africa has said Nigeria has the highest child brides in the world with 23 million girls married off at a tender age. 76% in the north but 9% decline in the prevalence of child marriage since 2003.

It is prevalence in our society when young girls are forced into marriage before they turned 18 years and sometimes due to unwanted pregnancy. This mostly ends their ambition of having formal education. Increasing the rate of illiteracy among young girls in the society.

Many young girls has accepted early marriage has a norms. While poverty , poor educational attainment , strong social and religious traditions e.t.c are attributed to child marriage in Nigeria.

Those young girls are forced to give birth at a tender age , exposing her and the new born baby to diseases, even death of the mother and the baby.

There is need for more awareness about the danger of child marriage to much older men . Many parents believe their child getting married helps them to secure their future and also helping her poor family.

The law should be stricter because there are a lot of influential people in the society who are getting married to young girls and kicking against the restriction on child marriage.

Eradication of poverty is the biggest problem in Nigeria , many parents married their children off because they need money.

Harassment and gender discrimination should also be eradicated. Everyone should be a voice to be reckoned with in 21st century irrespective of gender.

The Nigeria constitution doesn’t establish a minimum age of marriage. However , The child Rights Act of 2003, sets the age of marriage at 18 years old and not another Nigeria child should be married early.

Education is important and a voice for social , political and economic development.

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