The Danger of using Earphones on the Street …

The rise in mishap of using earphones by pedestrians on the street is increasing daily.

I was moving from Ajah area of Lagos to Obalende (Lagos) . A young man who was happily making phone calls with his earphones was almost crushed by my bus driver. The angry driver screamed “weyrey okunrin “in Yoruba language (mad man ) “koo ni da fun e “( It will not be well with you ) .

I was in a big shock with other passengers in the bus and the driver said so many people he has crushed for the same act.

Then I thought about thousands of people who are victims of using earphones on the road and leading to their untimely death.

For safety precautions it is advisable we don’t move on the street with our earphones plugged into our ears, making phone calls on the road while walking or driving on the road.

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