Foreigners Drinking from our Well….

A sunny day at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Corp members rushing to catch their flight back home after the three weeks orientation camp.

I was seated with my friend and boarding was called for my flight to Lagos. I was about to take my leave ,when I noticed a middle age Asian Man moving closer to our side and he sat beside my friend.

“Hey girl” you got yourself Mr Macho ! I said …Mr Macho is a slang we called Men who are opposite “the word “during our stay in camp. ..

The next morning .My friend chatted me up , we discussed about the crazy Lagos traffic. I didn’t hesitate to ask her about Mr Macho!

She told me Mr Macho is a United Nation Staff , who doesn’t know his way around Lagos and she helped him get a hotel closer to Ikeja axis. Mr Macho told the hotel attendance he needs discount because he is a staff of United Nation, the hotel attendance told him they don’t run charity. My friend told me at the Airport ,Mr Macho priced a sneakers for one thousand five hundred , which the seller sold for 15 thousand Naira .He did not bargain piecemeal but slashed the price straight to one thousand five hundred Naira.

I told her I wasn’t surprised ,I once met an American Man who brought out cash and gave the seller one thousand hundred for a stock jean sold for Seven thousand Naira. The Lagos seller told him to order the jeans from America , if he can’t afford to pay!

I have heard and witnessed a lot of foreigners who priced our goods at a very low price and most of those good exported from their country. They feel most of our home made products are inferior compared to theirs .

I visited some of the foreign stores in Nigerian and some of their goods are inferior when compared to our locally made products.

Foreigners needs to do better in our country! The inhuman treatment of Nigerian workers in their companies,especially the construction companies. The Nigerian staffs are the one who does most of the work loads,while they move around the construction site looking tan with their lighter and cigarette!…..

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