What is perfection?

Having everything that is necessary,complete and without faults or weaknesses.

Our society expects perfection from Women ,especially an African women

The way they talk ,dress e.t.c

Women are expected to be up and doing in everything.

Men have all the freedom to live their life the way they want but reverse is the case to women

It is shameful for Women to divorce and marry as many Men she wants.

It is indecent for Women to smoke,drink and party all night.

Women can be cheated on but it is morally wrong to cheat on Men.

Most parents doesn’t complain when they see their Male child in the mix of Female but reversed is the case when they sight their Female child in the mix of Male.

It is easy to call Women ,hoe,bitch,prostitute e.t.c! For standing up against what she doesn’t want to accept anymore in her life.

Even we the Females put ourselves in this tight position! My Mum would tell me,my Aunties would tell me, a Woman should always Hold on to whatever situations she finds herself!

No matter the argument for equality between Men and Women, the Holy Books are relied on to back up the Men!


perfection inWomen

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